Located in Downtown LA’s Arts District, the new 3sixteen flagship store gives the brand’s quality wares a space to shine. Essentials like jeans, shirts, and jackets are on display next to accessories like rings, candles, and colorful socks, and garments lucky enough to earn a space on the racks rest on the best-looking hangers we’ve ever seen. The simple aesthetic of white brick, concrete, and exposed natural wood creates a soothing space that gives each product — and more importantly, customer — a chance to breathe, and helps make this a must-stop if you’re in the neighborhood.


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  • One of the rare stores that had an online presence before it opened a real-world location, Snake Oil Provisions offers an expertly curated selection of men’s fashion. Self-described as a tour of the owners’ closets, every shirt, shoe, accessory, and pair of denim is built to last and part of their own wardrobes. The Long Beach space is cozy but never cramped, giving you just enough selection without overwhelming you with unnecessary options. A must-shop for those that value timelessness over trends.


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