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This is gross.

Earlier this week, a white-supremacist named James Jackson traveled from Maryland to New York City and murdered a black man named Timothy Caughman. The reason? He wanted to kill black people.

According to police, he “did it to make a statement” and that he “told police that he was a member of a white supremacist group.”

This is a horrifying story. As clear cut an example of a hate-crime that you can possibly find. So how did the New York Post cover it?

Hmmm. So, first off, fuck you, New York Post. Why the hell would you focus on how “well-dressed” he was? (And this is coming from a place that talks about well-dressed people all the time!) And as if that wasn’t enough, the Post doesn’t once mention the fact that his motive was race-based. But you know what they do make time to mention?

Caughman, who had 11 prior arrests, staggered around the corner to the
Midtown South Precinct looking for help. He died hours later after
being rushed to a nearby hospital.

How is that relevant? Why focus on the victim’s totally unrelated arrest record when he simply had the misfortune of being the target of an a racist maniac’s hate-fueled crime? I can think few reasons they’d cover it this way, and it’s all shameful, gross, and irresponsible.

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