With visually pleasing room design and gourmet room service, good boutique hotels are scientifically proven to be one of the best places to get high as fuck. The Standard, which built its entire brand on edginess, winks at this fact with a collaboration with NYC brand JvdF, which designs everyday-carry objects that are both extremely practical and totally sexy. This 4/20 it released is a set of smoking accessories—a joint case, a lighter holder, and a pod-shaped pot case—that’s available in a limited edition nickel finish through the Standard’s in-house boutiques and website.

Weedheads with discerning musical tastes have been driving a recent (and surprisingly irony-free) surge in New Age music. Synth wizard M. Geddes Gengras recently released a 100-minute SoundCloud track that combines ambient drones and synthesized jungle sounds into a potently soothing sound bath. You can also find plenty of New Age-y stuff—plus rare folk, experimental electronics, and stoner-friendly housewares—on the webstore of mellow Lower East Side vibe merchants Commend. For stylish playback, check out Urbanears’ new line of minimalist smart speakers, or go big and cop Master & Dynamic’s killer new offering designed out of concrete composite by architect Sir David Adjaye. For stylish playback with maximum chill vibes, check out House of Marley’s Stir It Up turntable made out of sustainably grown bamboo, recycled aluminum, and hemp fabric.

And if making your own noise is more your thing, Roli’s Lightpad Block lights up in different colors to serve up an intuitive, touchable interface to its iPhone music production app Noise that happens to be one of the best stoner toys around.

In terms of setting the proper mood for your smoke session, good smells can be almost as important as good sounds. Good old Nag Champa will always get the job done, but if you’re feeling fancy, upscale hippies and neo-New Agers swear by artisan incense makers Incausa, with handcrafted offerings made from palo santo and Amazonian breu resin. If you prefer candles, Norden makes one that smells like the California woods after a rainstorm and comes in a stoneware container that you can use as a tumbler when it’s done.

New York’s MOSCOT has over a hundred years of eyewear making under its belt, and its frames’ classic shapes have the authentic vintage vibes to match. The brand just teamed up with the much younger NYC label Freemans Sporting Club—makers of some truly gorgeous casual wear—for a limited edition of the Lemtosh foldable frame in matte black that offer stylish cover for your giveaway eyes.

Keeping a selection of art books and comics around is a great way to entertain yourself when you’re high without resorting to Netflix or video games. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusuma’s having a moment right now, with more and more of her art books popping up on the coffee tables of discerning smokers. Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia offers hours of entertainment with mind-blowing images of design and architecture from the fringes of the ’60s and ’70s.

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’s Saga (which just saw the release of its second deluxe hardcover collection) is not only one of the best comics being made right now, but also one of the most stoner-friendly, thanks to the streak of peculiar psychedelic humor that runs through Vaughan’s stories and Staples’ artwork. For something trippier, try Brandon Graham and Simon Roy’s surreal sci-fi epic Prophet. On the more crassly earthbound side of the spectrum, Simon Hanselmann’s Megg & Mogg books have become a vital part of the new stoner comedy canon.

And there’s a growing number of online boutiques aimed squarely at the type of stoner who’d keep a Yayoi Kusuma book on the coffee table, serving up tasteful, well-designed versions of everything you need for a good sesh besides the weed. Tetra stocks cool, clean-lined pipes and stash boxes that even the non-smoking design connoisseur could appreciate. Sweetflag takes a more organic, New Age-y approach with offerings like quartz crystal pipes and, should you need it, a candle replica of a prehistoric fertility figure.

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