South Park, Colorado isn’t known as a culinary destination — despite having the most famous school chef of all time. In between the vicious satire and crude humor, there are a few dishes that could inspire anyone with a little kitchen experience. Babish takes on three of the most famous dishes the show has produced — Chef’s Chocolate Salty Balls, Cartman’s Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili, and a frittata with a lovely creme fraiche. As to whether Tenorman’s parents are actually in Babish’s chili, no one can say.

  • Put down the controller. Get out the wheel, pedals, and hydraulically-actuated full-motion cockpit — it’s time to go sim racing. The introduction of Chequered Flag in 1983 marked the beginning of racing games not just as entertainment, but as a way for the masses to experience autosports as realistically as possible. Since that humble start, racing sims have become increasingly better at mirroring the physics of their real-world counterparts, with some games having code based on testing simulators used by racing teams at the top of the sport.

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