If you wear contact lenses, you know obtaining them can be a difficult and expensive process. Leave it to lens wearers themselves to help simplify the process. Hubble provides high-quality disposable lenses that are delivered directly to your door. And they manage to do this while also cutting prices nearly in half. A recent expansion lets them cover powers from -12.00 to +6.00, helping even more contact lens wearers see clearly. The lenses are made from a high-grade hydrogel material for all-day comfort, by an FDA-approved factory that’s been making contacts for over two decades. The first box is free, and if you need a prescription, Hubble will even set you up with an optometrist for an eye exam before you place an order.

Presented by Hubble Daily Contacts.

  • A retro take on the iconic Wayfarer, Ray-Ban Meteor Sunglasses are a versatile set of easy-to-wear shades. While the shape stays the same, the rim is ever so slightly flared, and paired with carefully chosen color combos to give them a ’60s vibe. They come in shiny black with polarized G15 lenses, shiny tortoise with light brown gradient lenses, and shiny tortoise with B15 brown lenses. Limited to just 200 of each and available for five days only.

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