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Hello, I’m a sculptor named Gille Monte Ruici. I create sculptures starting from recycled matter and waste.

I work only with recovered metal parts. All the assemblies are done by screw or bolts. Metal and the sheet are ideal for this kind of fixings. I like the matter, easy to work, with particular reflections, patinated, and which, pickled well, is harmonized easily. In general, I don’t have any preconceived idea, I work only with “my visual instinct”. The shape of found equipment will be born, a trunk, a wild glance, a pair of arms… either the final vision is immediate, or the idea of the potential must matured and will emerge later on. I build robot lamps in particular stemming from the diversion of the model of lamp KVART.


Here are several photos of robots so modified.

robot lamps

recycled art sculpture robot

IKEA KVART robot lamps

IKEA KVART robot lamps 2

sculpture robot gille monte ruici

See more on my blog and catalogue of all my works.

~ Eric

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