Our best advice on grilling, hosting, and all things beer.

Boys, the big day is coming up. It’s the Superbowl of Summer, the Olympics of Outdoor Drinking, the High Hamburger Holiday—the Fourth of July is near, and it’s time to start preparing. That means stocking up on beer of all kinds, plus sunscreen and ground beef and maybe some Advil and Gatorade, because you’re not that young anymore. To help you live your best Fourth of July-celebrating life, we’ve rounded up all the advice we can to make next Tuesday your best summer holiday ever. (Just, seriously, remember the sunscreen.)

1. Get better plates.
Say goodbye to the flimsy paper plates and Solo cups of your youth—upgrade to things you don’t hate looking at. Bonus points if they’re eco-friendly.

2. Make a homemade, mayo-free potato salad
Have you ever seen what happens when a mayonnaise-based salad sits out in the sun for three hours? It’s not pretty. This is better than that. Plus it has pickles in it.

3. Buy the cheapo burger buns.
Yes, there are fancier buns out there. There are more expensive buns out there. But you’re never going to top the squishy pleasure of a plain old store-bought bun. Not sure which cheapo kind is the best? Go for Martin’s Potato Roll’s.

4. Keep your sides simple
Whether you’re hosting or attending, keep your side dish contributions relatively simple. Like the potato salad above. Or some slaw. Or pasta salad. Or a dip. This is not the time to show off your kale salad skills.

7. Consider a better-tasting lighter beer….
Pilsner is the ideal summer beer: it’s light enough that you can drink a handful of bottles or cans and stay awake to watch the fireworks, but it’s more flavorful than our old friend Bud Light.

8. ….Or just stick to the classics.
More of a High Life guy? Same. These are the best easy-drinking beers that you can find at almost any convenience store down the block from your buddy’s pool party.

9. And don’t be afraid to doctor up your brew.
Put out a michelada bar for all those people who want some hot sauce in their beer. Go wild with the garnishes. Save the restraint for the morning after, when you’ll be meekly sipping La Croix and eating dry toast.

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