Set on the edge of the Anglesea coastline, the Dame Of Melba House uses carefully selected materials to overcome its salty seaside environment. The exterior is clad in locally sourced timber, meant to slowly weather over time and expose a gray hue. Its top-heavy design allows for a set of cantilevered overhangs, one acting as a carport and the others as decks. Unlike traditional floor plans, the interior is flipped to have the main living area on the second level, while the sleeping quarters reside on the ground floor. This elevated design allows for premium ocean views from the full-height glazing in the kitchen and living room.


Seeley Architects

  • Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it’s impeccably designed. Minimod Shelters uses this philosophy to make up for its tiny stature. At just 290 square feet, these prefabricated pods are made with steel frames and recycled wood and include a bedroom, bathroom, living and dining room. Whether it be a guest house, studio, or weekend retreat. each model is completely customizable and combinable to meet your needs. Although it’s not required, a stellar location is recommended to take advantage of the structure’s large glass openings.

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