Alec Baldwin’s satirical portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live is so convincing, it can be difficult to tell the two apart. Apparently, editors at El National, a Dominican newspaper, fell for Baldwin’s acting so much, they accidentally published a photo of the actor instead of the real president.

In its Friday edition, El Nacional ran a story about Israel’s relations with America’s billionaire president. But next to an image of a stone-faced Benjamin Netanyahi, there sits Alec Baldwin, scowling in his orange make-up. What’s next? Replacing Sean Spicer with Melissa McCarthy?

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The paper issued a retraction and apologized for the error on Saturday. Here is one surefire way to distinguish the real Donald from Baldwin’s portrayal: the real Trump’s hands are tiny and shriveled, with a palm the size of a quarter and toothpick-like fingers.

[H/T The Hill]

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