Relocatable and convertible with a shockingly quick set-up time, Modpool Shipping Container Pools are intriguing alternatives to traditional pools. They rely on the strength of the container to help hold in water while offering unique features like side windows. A divider can quickly convert it from a single pool into a hot tub combination, the powerful heater can increase the temperature by 86º in a single hour, an Ultraviolet system keeps the water clean, and the entire unit, including the heater, jets, and lights, can be controlled from your phone. Best of all, it can be up and running just minutes after its placed, making it ideal for those who decide they want a pool for the summer at the last minute.

  • Sure, Tesla wants to make money. But they also want a sustainable future for the planet, and they want it sooner rather than later. Tesla Solar Panels are their latest step towards this goal. Designed with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware, they’re as sleek a solution as you’ll find (unless you spring for their Solar Roof). They’re also more durable and last longer than industry standard panels, and integrated seamlessly with the company’s Powerwall, turning your home into an energy producing and storing gadget.

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