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When we installed the FINTORP rail system we had to trim some of it down to fit, and were left with a tiny piece of pipe as well as 2 plastic end caps. Instead of throwing it out we found it to be the perfect size for a paper towel holder.

You’ll need:
* A FINTORP railing system installed on the wall including 2x FINTORP hooks (we used the small ones in the 5-pack)
* 1x FINTORP rail set, or these pieces:
– 1x Trimmed FINTORP rail in appropriate length (ours is 12 cm and fit a toilet roll, but it could also be longer to fit regular paper towels)
– 2x Finishing end caps



What to do:
1) Trim a FINTORP rail with a metal-cutting saw to your desired length
2) Add the plastic end caps to each end of the tube
3) Hang the piece on 2 FINTORP hooks like pictured
4) Put in your toilet roll and enjoy

~ Patricia Petersen

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