Sometimes it is very difficult for guys to know whether a girl likes you. A girl’s world can be very different from a guy’s and what you may interpret as something may be the complete opposite of the girl’s intension. Girls thing differently than guys and they process things differently so it is completely normal that they can think oppositely from each other. There are actually many was to tell whether or not a girl actually likes you. There a small movements and large movements that can help you figure that out.

1. Wants to Get to Know You

One of the first steps that most girls take when they like a guy is the find more about them which is completely normal because you need to know a person before you can say that you really like him/her. For the most part, girls will act very nice and kind and if they really do like you, they will usually laugh at your jokes if you do tell them.

2. Wants to Be Noticed by You

After getting to know you and you seem like their type, most girls will want to be noticed by you. They will either say hi to you all the time so that they can see you more often or they will give you small gifts on holidays and birthdays.


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